Today, more than ever, wine from Mallorca stands for the most exquisite winery art. With over 70 wineries, Mallorca offers a wide range of high-quality wines. Between traditional family-run wineries and modern luxury wineries, you will find very special drops from the most diverse grape varieties, which can be discovered during individual wine tastings and enjoyed amidst the picturesque landscape or directly in the wine cellar.

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The best wineries along Mallorca’s wine route

A particularly interesting hotspot for wine connoisseurs is the Wine Route, which runs along Mallorca’s best wineries. From Binissalem through Biniagual and Sencelles to Santa Eugènia and Santa Maria del Camí, a wine-growing area with more than a dozen bodegas is enclosed by the wine route.
This is where eco-tourists meet local wine lovers and sample the different flavours that the traditional wineries conjure up from their specially cultivated exquisite vines.

Red grapes of a winery in Mallorca

Wine tasting in Mallorca at Bodega Ribas

South of Binissalem in the heart of Mallorca is the Bodega Ribas, which has been family-run for over 300 years. Here, original Mallorcan grape varieties in particular are cultivated, preserved and refined in centuries of tradition. The choice of indigenous grape varieties, such as Manto-Negro, Prenal or Gargollassa, makes Ribas wine a very special Mallorcan original.

Wine tastings and tours of the winery and vaulted cellars are available by reservation from €18.00 per person.

Carrer de Muntanya, 2, 07330 Consell
Phone: +34 971 62 26 73

Organic wines from Binigrau Mallorca

In the middle of Biniali is the Binigrau winery, which is one of the youngest wineries in Mallorca. However, this is in no way to deny the quality of the wines – the multi-award-winning, organically cultivated wine varieties of the three brothers behind Binigrau are reaping new successes every season. The Nounat in particular is considered a particularly excellent white wine from Mallorca that no wine lover should miss. And the initially inconspicuous bodega in Biniali is also worth a visit. The historic walls are architecturally combined with a lot of glass, allowing natural light to flood the rooms and a direct view into the barrique cellar. Wine tastings and prices on request.

Carrer Fiol, 33, 07143 Biniali
Phone: +34 971 51 20 23

Wine tasting in Mallorca at the Macià Batle Winery

Located in Santa Maria del Camí, the winery has been passionately producing excellent Mallorcan wine in a family tradition for generations. For over 150 years, Macià Batle wine has been able to make a name for itself, which has helped the winery to become famous – even on the mainland. It is not only the multiple award-winning wines that attract interested people from all over the world to the Macià Batle winery, but also events such as the moon concert that takes place every year in July are the talk of the town.

In addition to guided tours of the winery in many different languages and integrated wine tastings, which cost €12.00 per person and should be requested in advance, the winery is open on weekdays from 9:00-18:30.

But not only Mallorcan red wine and equally original Balearic white wine or rosé can be bought at the popular winery in Mallorca, delicacies such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pâtés from their own production are also available at the winery.

Camí Coanegra, 07320 Santa Maria del Camí
Phone: +34 971 140 014

This is the best wine from Mallorca

If you want to buy wine in Mallorca, you are lucky to have a wide choice of wineries. With more than 70 wineries, the Balearic island offers the most diverse establishments with equally diverse cultivation and production methods. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that organic winegrowing is on everyone’s lips in Mallorca.

The Mallorcans love their homeland and do not want to pollute it with unnecessary pesticides – not even when growing grapes. The countless different grape varieties make wine growing in Mallorca so special: they originate from the island, were imported from France centuries ago or have only been cultivated in Mallorca’s vineyards for a few years to optimise the wines from other countries.

View at the wineries at Banyalbufar

Miguel Gelabert wines from unique vineyards in Mallorca

Some of the most popular wines from Mallorca come from Miquel Gelabert. With his knowledge and his diverse wine creations, the winemaker enriches Mallorca and the Balearic wine culture like no other.

Every season, the passionate winemaker experiments anew with the harvest from his more than 50 different grape varieties, resulting in unique wines time and again. A special recommendation is the Gran Vinya Son Caules 2011, an excellent red wine that reflects Mallorca’s soul.

Carrer d’en Salas, 50, 07500 Manacor
Phone: +34 071 821 444

Wine from Mallorca from the Bodega Can Majoral

Located in Algaida, Bodega Can Majoral is known for its individual wines based on the French grape variety Viognier. Here, the Galdent is considered a special recommendation.
In the second generation, organic wine is cultivated on 17 hectares. It is not only the excellent wine varieties that make the family-run Can Majoral so popular. The opportunity to stand among the vines for a day once a year with 200 volunteer harvesters attracts many people to Mallorca to the winery.

Carrer del Campanar s/n, 07210 Algaida
Phone:+34 971 665 867

Es Fangar Wine – ecological and sustainable

Located between Felanitx and Manacor, the Es Fangar winery is considered the largest organically farmed finca in Mallorca. Peter Eisenmann, who emigrated from Germany and bought the land on Es Fangar years ago in order to cultivate organic wine, relies on original methods without pesticides – but with his own fertilisation methods and a lot of time.

At the same time, he has been fighting for the complete preservation of the natural areas on Es Fangar since the beginning, so that the entire area is protected from exhaust fumes and other harmful influences. This is his recipe for producing the best wine in the Balearics. And he is supposed to be right about that: Three multi-award-winning wines are available under the name Twenty Twelve.

Carrer son Colom, 23, 07200 Felanitx
Phone: +34 971 58 19 38

Here you can buy the best wines from Mallorca

The best wines from Mallorca are best bought directly in the bodegas. Here, in many cases, you will not only get the best advice on the ideal wine for any occasion, but you will often also be allowed to taste your way through the different types of wine in advance, so that you can find exactly the right wine for you.

If you know your way around or trust the recommendations, you will also get what you are looking for online. Whether on the bodegas’ own homepages or in a trusted wine shop, the best wines, whether white, rosé or red from Mallorca, are available in great variety.

Red bottled wine in Mallorca

Salud! Taste Mallorca’s best wines here

Are you planning a celebration and looking for the right wines to accompany your menu? Are you a connoisseur and always on the lookout for new top wines? Or are you interested in a wine tasting directly from the winemaker? These are the best addresses for wineries in Mallorca.