In fact, locals and tourists alike fight for the best moorings around the island. The success of such efforts depends on more than just the timing of the booking!


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There are so many marinas in Mallorca

Mallorca admirers know that the Balearic island offers numerous picturesque villages in small bays, where boats and yachts can moor. The 40 or so Majorcan yacht harbours, the so-called marinas, bear witness to how enthusiastically locals and tourists alike pursue sailing and yachting. There are three types of marinas for leisure captains and professional sailors on Mallorca:

  • Club Nauticos: owned by sailing clubs, open to the public.
  • Private marinas: owned by companies, requiring membership of the respective yacht club in Mallorca
  • Municipal marinas: owned by the respective municipality, open to the public.

Overall, Mallorca currently has an estimated 15,000 moorings to offer. At first glance, this number may seem large. So it shouldn’t be a problem to get hold of one of the boat moorings in Mallorca? Well, you thought wrong! Those who have certain demands on a mooring for their own yacht want a top location paired with a particularly good infrastructure. In doing so, they are competing with countless others. Suitable berths can usually be found in the larger yacht harbours in Mallorca – and that always comes with a touch of prestige.

Yacht drives into open waters in Mallorca

However, in addition to these admittedly quite glamorous marinas, there are also numerous other possibilities for mooring in Mallorca. As well as fishing ports, the many small moorings around the best-known island of the Balearic Islands are a great alternative. They often don’t involve a lot of fuss. On the other hand, they often have a special charm that is particularly appealing to those seeking peace and quiet. Those who consciously want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the island’s well-known places are better off here anyway. The bad news: demand is high. If you plan to buy your own mooring, you have to be prepared to wait, sometimes for several years. But it is also best to be prepared when reserving a mooring in Mallorca.

Facilities of the marinas in Palma & co.

Whether you stop in a luxury marina or a smaller marina, electricity and water connections as well as sanitary facilities including showers are usually standard. In addition, the more upmarket marinas offer the following additional services, among others:

  • Petrol station (petrol, diesel and gas)
  • Slip ramp
  • Crane
  • Travel lift
  • Workshop
  • Cleaning service
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Concierge service

How much are the harbour fees in Mallorca?

Especially in the summer months you will have to dig deep into your pockets. Depending on the marina operator and the size of your yacht, you will be charged between 50 and 350 euros per day. Additional fees are usually charged for the consumption of electricity and water. Incidentally, the municipal marinas are the cheapest places to moor. You can reserve such a berth via the portal. This also applies to moorings in the Club Nauticos of Mallorca.

Moorings in Mallorca in Puerto Portals marina

Regardless of how much you are willing to pay and what your requirements are for a mooring in Mallorca, the following applies: You or your yacht must meet certain criteria in order to moor in the harbour. Depending on the marina, there are specifications regarding:

  • maximum boat length and,
  • maximum water depth.

You can find out which restrictions apply in the marina of your choice in Mallorca on the homepage of the marina operator. There you will also find information on the exact berth fees in Mallorca.

The most exclusive moorings in Mallorca

It goes without saying that the most sought-after berths in Mallorca are to be found where island life is in full swing: in the marinas of Palma de Mallorca. If you moor here, you will not only find classy boutiques, award-winning restaurants and art galleries in the immediate vicinity but, with a bit of luck, you can also get up close to some of the world’s most famous luxury yachts. Three marinas in Mallorca stand out in particular:

Club de Mar (Palma de Mallorca)

This private marina has been delighting fans of water sports for over 40 years. Around 200 moorings are available for yachts between 12 and 50 metres in length. In addition, those mooring their yachts can look forward to extras such as a concierge service, 24-hour surveillance, free WiFi and a repair service. The Club de Mar Mallorca is particularly known for its excellent and discreet service – which makes it a popular meeting place for celebrities.

Address: Muelle Pelaires s/n, 07015 Palma de Mallorca

Telephone: +34 971 403 611


Coordinates: 39.55465183346446, 2.6248321777179866

Puerto Portals Marina (near Palma de Mallorca)

This jewel in the bay of the island’s capital is not only the most prestigious marina in Mallorca, it is even one of the most exclusive ports in the Mediterranean. A total of 650 berths are available for yachts with lengths between 8 and 60 metres.

Address: Torre de Capitanía, 07181 Portals Nous-Calvià.

Telephone: +34 971 171 100


Coordinates: 39.529685830926766, 2.566117288593952

Marina Port Adriano (El Toro)

Another top-class marina is located in the west of Mallorca in El Toro. Around 490 moorings offer space for yachts up to 80 metres in length. Of course, an excellent infrastructure awaits you here as well. In addition, numerous exclusive restaurants cater for your physical well-being in this luxury harbour.

Address: Urbanización el Toro, s/n, 07180 El Toro.

Telephone: +34 971 232 494


Coordinates: 39.49084777287891, 2.4792827444138674

Luxury Marina Port Adriano on Mallorca

Marinas from Palma de Mallorca to Alcudia: other marinas at a glance

You will find easily accessible yacht moorings on all stretches of the coast in Mallorca. The larger harbours are located in the tourist resorts. The marinas in question include the following:

Club Nautico Santa Ponsa

Number of berths: 520

Maximum boat length: 20 m

Address: Via de la Creu, 46, 07180 Santa Ponsa.

Telephone: +34 971 694 950


Coordinates: 39.51223125480011, 2.467630805787774

Marinas Porto Christo (Club Nautico Porto Christo & Puerto de Porto Christo)

Number of berths: 500

Maximum boat length: 18 m

Address: Carrer de la Vela, 29, 07680 Porto Cristo (Club Nautico).

Telephone: +34 971 821 253


Coordinates: 39.53906196642697, 3.3355928445298986

Club Nautico El Arenal

Number of berths: 660

Maximum boat length: 25 m

Address: Carrer Roses, 0, 07600 S’Arenal

Telephone: +34 971 440 142


Coordinates: 39.500066143839405, 2.7505323618241864

Club Nautico Can Picafort

Number of berths: 470

Maximum boat length: 12 m

Address: Plaça Jaume I, 07458 Can Picafort.

Telephone: +34 971 850 185


Coordinates: 39.76493002049969, 3.1600058895704857

Marinas Cala Ratjada (Club Nautico Cala Ratjada & Puerto de Cala Ratjada)

Number of berths: 200

Maximum boat length: 15 m

Marinas Cala Ratjada (Club Nautico Cala Ratjada & Puerto de Cala Ratjada)

Number of berths: 200

Maximum boat length: 15 m

Marina Puerto de Soller (Marina Tramontana & Puerto de Soller)

Number of berths: 910

Maximum boat length: 30 m

Address: Calle de la Marina, 62, 07108 Puerto de Sóller (Marina Tramontana).

Telephone: +34 971 632 960 & +34 671 037 671


Coordinates: 39.79587518823428, 2.693238267677602

Marina Port de Mallorca

Number of berths: 200

Maximum boat length: 50 m

Address: Paseo Marítimo s/n (frente Hotel Victoria), 07014 Palma de Mallorca.

Telephone: +34 971 289 693


Coordinates: 39.56401524158326, 2.6284370665594343

Marinas Porto Colom (Club Nautico Porto Colom & Puerto de Portocolom)

Number of berths: 490

Maximum boat length: 15 m

Address: Carrer dels Pescadors, 23, 07670 Portocolom (Club Nautico).

Telephone: +34 971 824 658


Coordinates: 39.42388514166634, 3.2608463581617224

Marina Puerto de Pollensa (Real Club Nautic Port de Pollensa & Puerto de Pollensa)

Number of berths: 980

Maximum boat length: 25 m

Address: Muelle Viejo, s/n, 07470 Port de Pollença (Club Nautico).

Telephone: +34 971 864 635


Coordinates: 39.90537901106656, 3.0849450399812985

Marina Port Andratx (Puerto de Andratx & Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx)

Number of berths: 690

Maximum boat length: 35 m

Address: Avinguda de Gabriel Roca i Garcías, 27, 07157 Andratx (Club de Vela).

Telephone: +34 971 671 721


Coordinates: 39.54779313496527, 2.382702034799585

Marina Alcudia (Alcudiamar)

Number of berths: 750

Maximum boat length: 30 m

Address: Via de la Creu, 46, 07180 Santa Ponsa.

Telephone: +34 971 694 950


Coordinates: 39.51223125480011, 2.467630805787774

Marina Cala D’Or

Maximum boat length: 25 m

Address: Passeig Marítim, 1, 07400 Port d’Alcúdia.

Telephone: +34 971 546 000


Coordinates: 39.84181402529682, 3.136708422517404

Aerial view island Sa Calobra in Mallorca

Alternatives to mooring in the marina: buoy fields and anchorages in Mallorca

Especially in the summer months, moorings in Mallorca’s popular marinas are in high demand. So much so, that all the moorings are reserved for your desired date. In this case, you can switch to smaller marinas, for example fishing villages such as the picturesque Cala Figuera. Or you can reserve a spot in one of the following buoy fields around the island and drop your anchor:

  • Sa Dragonera/Sant Elm
  • Cala Blava
  • Cabrera National Park

In contrast to the Majorcan harbours, you will have to do without electricity and water connections as well as exclusive services, but peace and quiet and picturesque views await you. You can reserve the buoys at, whereby the mooring fees vary depending on the length of the boat.

Important: Anchoring is heavily regulated throughout the island to protect the underwater world. It is completely prohibited in areas with poseidon grass and in areas within the yellow buoys. These mark out the bathing area for visitors to the beaches. In many of Mallorca’s most beautiful bays, however, you can anchor without hesitation – and completely free of charge.

FAQ about marinas in Mallorca

How much does a berth cost in Mallorca?

That depends on several factors. The rule of thumb is: the more popular a marina is, the more expensive the mooring will be. Depending on the length of the boat and the time of year, fees of between 50 and 350 euros can be charged per day.

Which are the best marinas in Mallorca?

First of all: In the larger marinas, a good infrastructure is a given. Nevertheless, three marinas enjoy particular popularity: Club de Mar Mallorca, Puerto Portals and Port Adriano. They are also regularly visited by the extremely wealthy.

How can I reserve a mooring in Mallorca?

For municipal marinas and Club Nauticos, you can reserve one of the coveted berths via the portal. Club Nauticos and privately owned marinas also often allow you to make a reservation via their own websites. For the latter, however, special conditions apply in some cases.