The veneration of saints plays a central role in all regions of the island. Each village has its own patron saint and the local holidays change from municipal to municipal.
One of the most important festivities is the arrival of the three kings, which is celebrated on the night before the 6th of January. The three kings pass by the towns and villages along with a parade.  On that evening children will be handed out their Christmas presents.

Festival calendar


The 16th of January is the evening before Sant Antoni, the day when centuries ago the holy St. Antoni beat the devil in order to escape. There are Fire blazes on the streets, devils dancing through the villages and towns along with a parade. Majorcan Residents celebrate their patron Saint with fireworks, live music, barbecues and lots of partying.


In February festivities continue with Carnival. The colourful parade “Sa Rua” takes place on Carnival Sunday.


On March 1st Spains independence day is celebrated with traditional markets, concerts, street music and folklore. The most important religious holidays are during Easter. The Holy Week is celebrated with many impressive parades and events.


The International Folk Dance Festival takes place in mid-April in Majorca. Dance groups with over 2000 dancers from around the world demonstrate their skills.


The festival of Moros i Cristians  takes  place on May 02, held in Port de Soller, where the historic Battle of the Arabs  against the Christians in 1561 took place  and is re-enacted by the citizens. Here the inhabitants had to defend their town against a pirate attack. Moros i Cristians but replayed in other parts of the island.


Every year in June, the international Jazz Festival in Cala d’Or in the southeast of the island, takes place. Music performances by international bands can be heard all over the port.
On June 29th, on St. Pere – St. Peters day – a boat parade and fireworks take place in towns like Port de Alcudia or Port de Soller.


On 16 July, the patron saint of fishermen is celebrated  by various boat parades.
St. James day is on July 25th.


On the first Saturday in August, several thousand people meet for a nocturnal pilgrimage to Lluc. The route is a 48 km  walk.


The wine region Binissalem, during the grape harvest,  offers  wine tastings, dancing activities and music performances.


Christmas is traditionally celebrated with family, friends and often long nights out after dinner. On New Year Eve, fireworks and partying last till the early morning.

Further bank holidays:

  • 15.08. – Assumption Day
  • 12.10. – National Day (Dia de la Hispanidad)
  • 01.11. – All Saints (Todos los Santos)
  • 06.12. – Spanish Constitution (Constitution Day)
  • 08.12. – Immaculate Conception (Immaculate Conception)
  • 25.12. – Christmas Day
  • 26.12. – Boxing Day